The NWFMR Team
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  1. Michael Watson, MD Program Director
  2. Leslie Waldman, MD Associate Program Director
    Fellowship-Trained in Obstetrics
  3. Heidi Allred, MD Clerkship Director
  4. David Congdon, MD
  5. Ronald Dommermuth, MD Practice Medical Director
    Fellowship-Trained in Obstetrics
  6. Eduardo Garza, MD
    Fellowship-Trained in Sports Medicine
  7. Peter Lundblad, MD
    Fellowship-Trained in Sports Medicine
  8. Heather Denis, RD, CDE Practice Manager
  9. Lina S. Mendiola Program Coordinator
  10. Jenn Rickmar Associate Program Coordinator

About Us

A community needs assessment performed by CHI-Franciscan Health Harrison Medical Center revealed a looming gap in the number of primary care physicians in our region of Northwest Washington State.  Over the next 20 years it’s anticipated there will be a shortage of approximately 40 primary care physicians as population expands and primary care physicians leave the work force.

In anticipation of this shortage, CHI-Franciscan Health Harrison Medical Center has committed to sponsorship of our program.  Organizational leadership recognize the importance of providing high-quality training for physicians who will care for members of our Community

In addition to support from our Sponsoring Institution, community support from private physicians and major physician practice groups provide the necessary professional expertise to train Family Medicine Physicians for practice in the Pacific Northwest. 

Harrison Medical Center, through the efforts of Designated Institutional Official (DIO) Michael Anderson, MD, and the Graduate Medical Education Committee, has received ACGME Accreditation and now is allowed to sponsor residency programs.

Our Family Medicine Residency will be an 8/8/8 program.  On January 30th, 2017, we were granted initial accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.  September, 2017, marks the beginning of our interview season for selecting a founding class to begin training on July 1st of 2018. 

Interested applicants are welcome to contact us.

  1. Beautiful Scenery
    Beautiful Scenery
  2. A Ferry-Ride from Seattle
    A Ferry-Ride from Seattle
  3. An Expanding Community
    An Expanding Community